Hmong in Health is a student organization created in 2004 on the University of California, Davis campus that promotes Hmong students to a career in health through pre-health conferences, workshops, and interactions with health professionals. We strive to develop an awareness of Hmong medicine and culture among UCD students and the local community. Most importantly, we establish a network among Hmong pre-health students at UCD to provide academic support for our students.


As a Hmong club, we strongly believe in culture as part of our identity and community involvement. Our appreciation for the Hmong culture and community is reflected by our efforts in spreading awareness of main health concerns in the community and encouraging improvement in for overall health in general. To achieve this goal, we prepare and present health topics when tabling and participate in health screenings at events such as health fairs, Hmong New Year events, and various other cultural or educational festivals.

HIH new year 3HIH New YearHIH New Year 2HIH new year 3

Furthering Education:

Another one of our goals is to encourage the younger Hmong generation to strive for higher education, and encourage them to explore a career in the medical field. Our annual Health Career Day (HCD) gives students of all levels an opportunity to hear from a health professional about their journey and the aspects of their career. HCD’s workshops allow students to be informed about several medical occupations and allow professionals to share their experiences to advise and motivate young students. We believe it is important that the Hmong students see the Hmong professionals as role models and an encouragement into the possibility of succeeding into the health field. Students are eager to listen and professionals are excited to share.

HCD 01 HCD 02 HCD 03


As pre-health students, we have a difficult path to travel towards our desired career. However, the journey becomes much easier when there are other people we can find support in. HIH members sympathize and comfort each other through the busy lives as pre-health students. Our club can be a place for emotional or educational support by sharing advice on classes, forming study groups, and exchanging notes and books. In addition to academic support, we believe in having fun and relieving stress! Through karaoke or potlucks, we gather together for good food and good times.

HIH karaoke fb hih HIH appreciation day


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  1. Hello, My name is Joanne Snapp, Director of Health Professions Advising at UCD. I’m interested in collaborating or speaking at your club meeting sometime. If you would like to meet to talk about how I can help, please let me know. My email is jsnapp@ucdavis.edu. The website is hpa.ucdavis.edu

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